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The Pistol Slapper is unlike any other booster or overdrive you've tried and responds differently than your standard textbook overdrive pedal. The EQ controls operate to shape the tone completely independent of each other. Use it as an EQ pedal, a booster or an overdrive pedal. Works great with amps with limited controls, use it as an extra channel. Use it to brighten a dark sounding amp or darken a bright sounding amp. Add some brightness to your humbuckers or take some of the edge off your single coil pickups.

A great clean booster with lots of headroom. Set the drive to low, the level all the way up and the treble boost off. Set the EQ controls similar to your bypassed tone and your natural tone shines though, then use the EQ controls to cut or boost to fine tune your clean boosted tone. The natural tone of the original is in there too. Set the Level all the way up as the original didn't have a volume control. With the drive set to the far left it is the stock tone, moving the drive to around 12-2 o'clock give you the sound of the "gain boost switch". For the original treble boosted sound set the Filter all the way up and the Select switch to the position #4. Stacks well with other pedals. Try it with your other overdrive and fuzz pedals.

The pedal also makes a great clean booster. It's fairly easy to dial in a tone and level setting with it that is similar to your bypassed signal and then tweak the EQ or give it a bit more volume or gain without drastically altering your core tone, the Drive on lower settings and the Level up around 12 o'clock or so usually gets it close as a starting point. There is a lot of headroom in the pedal and you can get quite a decent volume boost before it gets really dirty sounding. It also stacks very well with other pedals including pedals that are usually fussy about what they stack with like fuzz pedals. Placing it after a fuzz with the Pistol Slapper set around unity gain with the Drive down low lets you use the EQ section to alter the sound of the fuzz without losing the fuzzes characteristics. Works great with clean amps and for pushing amps into overdrive or just adding more overdrive to them. Based on the extremely rare Hawk II Tonal Expander booster made in limited numbers by S. Hawk Ltd. back in the 1970's and used by Rory Gallagher. We took that effect and improved upon it in many ways while still keeping the core tone of the original available in the Pistol Slapper. No more scouring classifieds or eBay to find an expensive original. Some features of the Pistol Slapper include: More gain available and much less noise than the original. 3 band independent EQ for cut and boost tone shaping. Footswitchable treble boost. Fine tune the treble boosts frequency and response with the Filter and Select controls. Circuit runs on 18V for maximum headroom and power. while still only requiring a regular 9V DC power supply. Bi-colour LED. Green is standard mode while red is treble booster mode. A superb clean booster. Turn the level most of the way up, with the gain down low and use the EQ to dial in your sound. Open, natural and dynamic tone, with no clipping diodes.

  • Treble: Adjust the treble content of the pedal.
  • Middle: Adjust the midrange content of the pedal.
  • Bass: Adjust the bass content of the pedal.
  • Select: 3 position switch selects the treble boost's corner cut off frequency. Only functions when the Treble Boost is active.
  • Filter: Fine tune the treble boost's corner cut off frequency. A subtle sounding but useful feature. Only functions when the Treble Boost is active.
  • Drive: Adjusts the amount of gain in the pedal.
  • Level: Controls the overall volume output of the pedal.
  • Boost Switch: Activates the Treble Boost feature of the Pistol Slapper. It also raises up the gain a bit as well.
  • Made in Canada
  • 1 year warranty
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Internal circuitry automatically doubles the 9V supply voltage to 18V.
  • Size: 12cm x 9.5cm (4 3/4" x 3 3/4")
  • Power Requirements and Specifications: Industry standard 9V DC 2.1mm negative ground barrel plug.
  • Daisy chainable with all standard negative ground power supplies.
  • Use with an unregulated 9V DC power supply or any power supply exceeding 9V is not recommended.
  • Current Consumption: 12mA
  • Download Product Manual Here

"I can't say enough how impressed I am with this pedal. The flexibility of it is really amazing, and I'm loving the sounds I'm getting out of it. Killer job. Up there in the top 10 overdrives I've ever played or owned, and I've played almost everything on the market."
- David Fisher of Taylor Barefoot and David Fisher Guitar Demos


"The Pistol Slapper is like the spice in your food. Sure, you can eat without it, but why? Everything is so much better with it added. This pedal is built like a tank! A beautiful tank that's just as pretty on the inside. Seriously, some of the nicest work I've seen inside this unit. The Pistol Slapper takes your tone to another level. It's like super-sizing your rig. It really is a tonal expander! I use it as an "always on" pedal now. It adds depth and sparkle to the cleans and kicks any other pedal on my board into another gear. I'm very happy with the results I get with this pedal! There's no mid hump in this boy, let me tell you. I'd classify it in the same gain range as the Tim but a bit brighter yet. You can get into painful treble with this pedal, easily dialed off with the controls. Nice snarl and grit from the drive. The more drive, the more it kicks the front of the amp. The three band EQ helps round out any tone desired. You can get some really spanky tones, especially on boost. Good note definition while chording too. I stacked this and the Tim, set to a moderate O/D and it tore me a new one. Never mind the boost to add from either or both pedals, whoa. This pedal has all that I would want for controls and build quality."
 -J. McK

Videos: Note: These videos were produced with a previous version of the Pistol Slapper when it was still a Maritime Analog product and before I migrated it to Butcher Pedals but the sound of the pedal is still the same.

David Fisher and Taylor Barefoot made this great video for us.

Visit their YouTube channel for more videos.


Here is as awesome video made for us by JustNick

Check out his youtube page for more great videos and visit his website at


Brett Kingman (aka Burgerman or Burgs) did a great video for us of the Pistol Slapper.

Visit his youtube page to see more of his demos.

$245.00 CAD

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