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"How do I order?"
--The ordering process for our website is simple, safe and secure.  Just select the correct shipping option on the desired products page and press Buy Now.  All payments are processed by Paypal and you will automatically be directed to Paypal to process your payment. Paypal accecpts all major credit cards and a Paypal account is not required for payment. Alternatively the option to invoice you for you order instead is available. Just email me with what you would like and I'll make up the invoice and email it to you for payment via Paypal.

"Do you take pre-orders on new and upcoming products?"
--No. If it's not in stock and available to ship to you then I don't want your money. The only time you can pay early is for a custom pedal.

"What happens if a pedal I want is out of stock, can I still order it ahead of time and wait for it?"
--No. If a pedal is out of stock on the website please check the dealers as they may still have it in stock or send me an email via the Contact section of the website and I'll get back to you when they are available again.  I do not accept any pre-payment for orders outside of custom work.

"Do you do custom work?"
--Yes, sometimes. When time allows we will take on custom work such as rehouses, different colours, other pedal builds etc. Please inquire for details and costs. All custom work is subject to a 50% down payment with the remainder due when the pedal is completed.

"Will you build me a clone of (insert boutique pedal company's name here) pedal?"

"Where are you located?"
--We are located in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. North Sydney is located on Cape Breton Island.

"Can I pick up my order locally or visit your workshop?"
--No. Butcher Pedals operates only as an online business. There is no storefront in the traditional sense.

"Where can I get a copy of the manual or pamphlet?"
--You can download a copy here. All files are in PDF format.

"Do you sponsor bands or have an endorsement policy?"
--If you are a professional musician and a satisfied customer that loves using my products then maybe but Butcher Pedals is a tiny company and is not able to support every request.  

"Do any of your products run on batteries?"
--No. I discontinued offering a battery option on our pedals outside of a specific request or a custom build several years ago. My view on it is basically running your pedal off of batteries is obsolete. Quality batteries are expensive, the pedals sound and performance vary on the batteries voltage and you always have to unplug the pedal's input when you're done to conserve battery life in addition to the environmental impact of throwing away countless batteries. Running pedals off of a power supply (which are incredibly inexpensive, especially compared to the ongoing cost of batteries) enables consistent performance and tone, removes the need and expense of changing batteries, doesn't pollute the environment and you have to plug your amplifier in anyway so how much more work is it to also plug in a power supply?

"What power supply do I need?"
--Unless otherwise marked you need a 9V DC negative ground (center tip) power supply. This is the industry standard. Our pedals require the same power supply as Boss, Ibanez etc. Do not use a 9V AC adapter as you will damage or ruin the pedal as well as void your warranty.

"Do you sell prototypes, blemished, damaged or B-stock items at a discount?"
--It's seldom but sometimes they are available. I usually post them on our Facebook page first when they are available or you can always ask via email if I have anything around.