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Butcher Pedals is a small business on the east coast of Canada located in North Sydney, Nova Scotia. The business was originally called Maritime Analog and operated as such from February 2010 until September 2015 when I rebranded it into Butcher Pedals. Just like it was with Maritime Analog, Butcher Pedals is a one man show and my pedals are built in small batches by hand one at time.

As for the pedals, I always try to put my own unique spin on them regardless of it is a original design or a re-interpretation of an old classic. I started messing about with electronics and pedals around 20 years ago and eventually that hobby ended up growing into a business in 2010. That business was originally planned to sell electronic components and parts for pedal building but while building and selling some pedals to raise the money to get it started the idea of the parts side of it ended up being abandoned and I just kept making pedals instead and Butcher Pedals is the end result of it.